I saw an article on Facebook assuming that there should be at least 250,000 Myanmar nationals in Singapore. It made me curious thinking that 250K was an impossible number. So I made some researches.





According to those links, most recent population os Singapore (as of today) is 5,076,700. Apart from major ethnics, Chinese, Malay and Indians, the rest are 3.2% of total population, which is 162,500. Considering there are Filipinos, Indonesian and Thais are among them, I conclude that total Myanmars in Singapore wouldn’t exceed more than 70,000.


According Ko Zaw Thet, 70K is the number of residents who are PR and citizens. So I did the math again. 50767000*0.25*0.032  = 406136 is the total foreign workers excluding Chinese, Malay and Indians. So I guess you are right. Myanmar really might exceed 250K.

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