Burglish Snapshot

Burglish Snapshot

Lately, I used my iPhone for viewing web contents frequently. So I thought it should be nice to be able type Burmese in iPhone. Then someone posted a Zawgyi Keyboard app for iPhone/iPad in MyanmarItPro. One of my respected friend bought it with great expectation (like addon keyboard) and felt disappointed. Well it’s a press-button-copy-text app rather than a real keyboard. And it doesn’t support Unicode standard.

If that’s the solution for now, I was thinking like “why should I pay 1$ to copy and paste when I can type in a web app”. Because I remembered there was a web version of Burglish system by Ko Soemin.

As I expected, it works pretty fine since it’s javascript based. Just check “Typewriter” box and you can type just like Wininnwa. Checking “character list” will give you a complete press-able layout. And it supports Unicode. Just choose from “Zawgyi-One” to “Myanmar3” and it’s Unicode encoding. Just type like normal and character sequence will come out right. There won’t be correct viewing for Unicode though since it’s never updated. If it’s modify a bit to fit in iPhone resolution and layout, it would be a perfect web app.

Since it’s a web app, every mobile OS which support javascript should be able to use this Burglish system.

#It got a minor bug  in typing “ရ” with “၇” output.

##Updated on Mar 08 2011
TTKZ has gone further with his keymagic project. Now it’s available via web. I frame it with jkeymagic.tk domain name. It’s now possible to to type Unicode text with various keyboards on browsers.

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I accidentally found it from Google search results. So I worked on it with little effort since, well, it’s only 26 strings. 🙂 But accomplishing a mission is more enjoyable than anything else.

#Updated – Now there are more.

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