MLC Transcription System is a transliteration system for rendering Burmese in the Latin alphabet. It is loosely based on the Pali romanisation system, has some similarities to the ALA-LC Romanization, and was devised by the Myanmar Language Commission. This system is used in many linguistic publications regarding Burmese, and is used in all MLC publications as the primary form of transcription for Burmese.

I’ve found a few good notes on Burmese transliteration system (MLCTS).

MLCTS transliteration can be widely seen in English Wikipedia entries, Myanmar Wiktionary definitions and Myanmar Orthography (currently using in Myanmar Wiktionary).

And Romabama (ရိုးမဗမာ) is a good keyboard layout of Burmese Romanization. MLCTS itself have some cons in transforming into keyboard layout and cannot be typed with standard QWERTY keyboard. It cannot differentiate between different consonants with same pronunciation such as ta (တ and ဋ). It doesn’t differentiate between virama (ဝိရာမ – ပါဌ်ဆင့်) and asat (အသတ်) or between the anunasika (ံ) and the -m final (မ်).

I’m currently brainstorming for a new roman keyboard layout for Burmese based on standard US keyboard. Here is the latest spreadsheet.

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