Burmese is being spoken everywhere.

Burmese is official language of Myanmar and is spoken by 32 million as a first language and as a second language by 10 million, particularly ethnic minorities in Burma and those in neighboring countries.

I must say Singapore is the country where most IT literate, Burmese speaking and Burmese scripts using active Apple customers are staying. I assumed this based on the download stats by Saturngod’s Ornagai App and Ko Tun’s iBrowser App.

Here are the brief stats. The stats are as of June 2011.

iBrowser Stats

iBrowser Download Stats

Ornagai Free Stats

Ornagai Free Download Stats

Ornagai Stats

Ornagai Download Stats

As it can obviously be seen, there are at least 10K of Apple (iOS) customers who speak or read Burmese considering both apps are Burmese dedicated apps. And Singapore probably has 60%-75% of active Apple customers who are Myanmars. Since OSX Lion was a hit in Myanmar community, I’m looking forward to Burmese support in iOS soon too.

#This is the estimated usage percentage of Apple iOS products by Burmese reading people. It may reflect the percentage of other IT literate Burmese who are not Apple customers too and may not reflect the actual amount of total Myanmar IT people.

#The screenshots are courtesy of Ko Tun Thura Thet and Saturngod.
#This post has been submitted to Apple feedback as a feature request.


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Burglish Snapshot

Burglish Snapshot

Lately, I used my iPhone for viewing web contents frequently. So I thought it should be nice to be able type Burmese in iPhone. Then someone posted a Zawgyi Keyboard app for iPhone/iPad in MyanmarItPro. One of my respected friend bought it with great expectation (like addon keyboard) and felt disappointed. Well it’s a press-button-copy-text app rather than a real keyboard. And it doesn’t support Unicode standard.

If that’s the solution for now, I was thinking like “why should I pay 1$ to copy and paste when I can type in a web app”. Because I remembered there was a web version of Burglish system by Ko Soemin.

As I expected, it works pretty fine since it’s javascript based. Just check “Typewriter” box and you can type just like Wininnwa. Checking “character list” will give you a complete press-able layout. And it supports Unicode. Just choose from “Zawgyi-One” to “Myanmar3” and it’s Unicode encoding. Just type like normal and character sequence will come out right. There won’t be correct viewing for Unicode though since it’s never updated. If it’s modify a bit to fit in iPhone resolution and layout, it would be a perfect web app.

Since it’s a web app, every mobile OS which support javascript should be able to use this Burglish system.

#It got a minor bug  in typing “ရ” with “၇” output.

##Updated on Mar 08 2011
TTKZ has gone further with his keymagic project. Now it’s available via web. I frame it with jkeymagic.tk domain name. It’s now possible to to type Unicode text with various keyboards on browsers.

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05 May 2010

I was planning for a new contract with infamous iphone3Gs until iphone 4G leakage. Then Singtel said they are planning to take in new ipad to Sg. Then, if I’m not wrong, there will come ipad 4G next year.

Ah.. my plan this year is a mere macbook and why I wanted all of these. We keep chasing and keep materializing our lives endlessly. People started to think that they can’t live without all those materials. One day, all of those materials will be old and useless. We are still good without extra shells. Refrained myself.

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