Dirty Solution

05 Apr 2015

Someone asked how to convert transformer to dinosaur, I mean Unicode to Avalaser (which is supposed to be grandfather of computerized Myanmar fonts). I installed Avalaser font, opened it in Character Map and test-typed in Words. It is pretty much similar to Win fonts in being ASCII fonts and visual encoding orders.

So I thought it would be a few minute job writing a Win<->Ava converter considering I already have a ready-made script for IPA-Burmese phonetics converter and conversions are character to character mapping. So I asked if someone is up for helping me compile the mapping list in Excel. Ko Ye Zarni Aung generously started writing down the list which was unquestionably the tiresome job.

The next day, I generated the list just to disappoint that the results are gibberish. The direct mapping caused the already-converted texts to convert again . I know what I need to do but don’t know how. Too bad I don’t know how to code.

I gave it a thought for while and finally fell back to Zg<->Ava solution which is a really easy task. I can now understand why some lazy coders are too afraid to adopt using Unicode.

Zg <-> Ava Converter

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