Once in a while, anyone would have done something wrong in their life. The main difference between the wise man and a fool is that a fool’s mistakes never teach him anything. We all know giving credit to someone’s works when we use their works is a must especially in digital age. Some people love to give credits, well, to Google and Internet. They wouldn’t even bother mentioning original links or the author’s name.

“Image credit to Google.”
“New source: Internet.”

You can relax yourself thinking that they are just noobs of digital age like we all did. So, how do you feel about this.

Kyemon Newspaper News Source

180,000+ copies everyday, Kyemon is run by Ministry of Information as well. The Burmese word "အင်တာနက်" is direct translation of "Internet".

Myanmar Alin News Sources

220,000+ copies everyday, Myanmar Alin is top newspaper despite of being propaganda tabloid.

New Light of Myanmar New Sources

10,000+ copies everyday, New Light of Myanmar is the main source of Myanmar news in English.

I can only conclude that the main responsible persons for international news of those newspapers are either badasses who don’t care about copyright or just complete ignorant morons. No wonder citizens of Myanmar have no clue about respecting copyright of other people’s works when the national newspapers are acting like this.

Note:# The images are screenshots of 26th July 2011 Kyemon and Myanmar Alin, and 11th May 2008 New Light of Myanmar

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