This project is to promote Myanmar by means of freely and openly accessible photos and videos. You may upload the media files according to below agreements. And only contribute the photos you can let go.

  1. The uploaded media files (digital photos and videos) are your own and do not violate any copyright issue. In other words, you shot them yourself.
  2. You made no photo manipulation except minimum color, exposure, brightness and contrast adjustments.
  3. You agree to apply Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0) to this media file. (You let other people the rights to remix and reshare your photos freely.)
  4. You agree not to add any visible watermark or trademark on the photo or video footage.
  5. The media file has to be related with Myanmar or shot inside Myanmar.

Uploading to Wikimedia Commons

  1. Go to Wikimedia Commons uploading wizard. If you still do not have an account there, I recommend to create an account though it is not mandatory in uploading a file.
  2. Read carefully and click “next” on “Learn” page.
  3. Click “Select media file to donate” in “Upload” page. Select the photo and click “upload“.
  4. After uploading, click “Continue” to go to “Release rights” page.
  5. (a) Choose “This file is my own work” if you are uploading your own photo. (b) Choose “This file is not my own work” If you are uploading on behalf of other people. Fill the source link (if there is any) and author’s name. Click “The copyright holder published this work with the right Creative Commons license” and choose “Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0“. Click “Next“.
  6. In “Describe” page, add the title and description properly since it helps in searching the photo with certain keywords. Add “{{Openmyanmar}}” in “Other information” to add OpenMyanmar logo and project description. Click “Next” and uploading process is finished.

After these steps, the image is uploaded and can easily be used in any of Wikimedia project. You images have higher chances to be used in international media and news agencies. And the best part is that you still get all the credits related with your photos.

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