Saturday 23rd July 2011

by Lionslayer

Currently, there are only two active Wikimedia Projects for Burmese language, Wikipedia and Wiktionary. I want to expend one more for Wikisource. Wikisource is an online library of free content publications, collected and maintained by Wiki community. Myanmar is a culture-rich country with lots of classical writings. I think it will be better if all the artistic writings of the past can be archived in a single place which is easily accessible. I see no other sources for archiving other than Wikisource itself.

I want Tripiṭaka in Burmese texts along with Burmese translations to be uploaded to Wikisource as well. is maintaining the Tripiṭaka in multiple languages. But Burmese-pali texts are in Myanmar1(Unicode 4) texts. Those texts needs to be properly converted to current standard as well. In comparison, is doing the good job maintaining the translations of Bible in various languages inside Myanmar.

The main issue here is we have only a handful of people who are actively contributing to Wiki projects. It will be better if we get some more recruits. I thought font issue was a problem in contributing Wiki. But it seems I guess wrong. Wikimyanmar site which can be written in Zawgyi encoding has little updates anyway.

Another issue is Copyright issues. I don’t want people to upload copyrighted materials to Wiki projects. Normally it seems there is no problem if we use a copyrighted material under fair use. But it’s an ethical issue and I don’t want to mix up the good works with unwanted attentions. Myanmar practices TRIP which means we can upload the publications to public domains after 50 years of author’s death. For example, we can upload Myo Ma Nyein(1909-1955)’s songs (texts) while we can’t upload Thakin Ko Daw Hmine(1876-1964)’s poems until 2014. We may need to list a datasheet of death years of Writers. I see no other than Ko Myat Thwin for this list.

Another issue is setting up an Incubator for new language at Meta before we get approval. Currently, not many Myanmar Wikipedians are active on Meta. If that’s the case, I might as well do it but I’m just a lazy bun in this kind of formal things ##.

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