Tuesday 26th October 2010

by Lionslayer

Translatewiki did a very exciting translation marathon. This was it’s message.

Among all users contributing 500 or more new translations for  MediaWiki, and eligible for a cut, we will divide 1,000 Euro  (approximately 1,409 US Dollar). The money comes from a 2,000 Euro grant  by Wikimedia Nederland, the Dutch Wikimedia Chapter as a part of their spendings on International Projects, to Stichting Open Progress based on a grant proposal to boost MediaWiki localisation through translatewiki.net for which we are very grateful.

Please sign your name here if you think you have made 500 or more new translations for MediaWiki or its extensions (check the rules!) between 16 October 2010 00:00 UTC and 23 October 2010 24:00 UTC.

I participated in this rally and got my cut of 39 something over Euro and donated it to Stichting Open Progress. It took me 4 days of hardworking and I was really disturbed  by the news of Cyclone Giri at the last day. Cyclone-hit Kyaukphyu is my home town in which my grandma is currently staying. But I was able to finish it.

Translation rally

I think it’s a good idea to make a Myanmar Wikipedia rally too.

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