Wednesday 29th July 2009

by Lionslayer


I’m not developing Padauk-Zawgyi font any further due to possible copyright conflicts for Zawgyi-One font. There are many other International standard Unicode fonts freely available.

Installation Guide

1) Download attached “Padauk-Zawgyi.ttf” file.

2) Open Control Panel>Fonts

3) Copy “Padauk-Zawgyi.ttf” and paste it into Fonts folder.

4) Padauk Keyboard installer and Keyman keyboard file can be downloaded from here. I don’t encourage using it because it’s not free except for Linux users. Available Myanmar Unicode keyboard applications listed here.

5) More detailed guide in myanmar language is here.

Download Links:

A) Padauk-Zawgyi.ttf file only is here.

B) “Padauk-Zawgyi Myanmar” can be downloaded from here.

C) Padauk font source files can be downloaded from here.

D) VOLT project file Padauk-Zawgyi.vtp is here.

E) Zawgyi-One font and keyboard installer can be downloaded from


11th Aug 2009

Fixed the “-ှု” and “” Bug According to Ko Ngwe Tun. Zzzz… Buggy font. Now I pray it should be alright.:D Version is 2.406 now.

9th Aug 2009

Padauk-Zawgyi is not Beta anymore. It’s working fine and all known bugs has been fixed. Enjoy.:)

Note: I updated Padauk opentype table. Now —ှု ို or ို bug is gone. Thnx Ravi Chhabra for usable file link.

Original Font – Padauk (under the Open Font License) and Zawgyi-One-20071230(Copy-left)

Font Family – padauk

Sub-family name – zawgyi

Full font name – padauk-zawgyi

Post-script name – padauk-zawgyi

Release Date – 9th Aug 2009

Version – 2.405

5th Aug 2009 Updates

I updated. Version is now 2.404. Thanks KZT for pointing out. And thanks Ko Ngwe Tun and Ko Soe Min for prob shooting.

1) I forgot to update ရှေ့ပစ် glyph from နောက်ပစ် in 2.403Now updated.

2) u200C is replaced with original Padauk glyph. Now it should b ok.

2nd Aug 2009 Updates

1) All Myanmar code-points glyphs including minority tribes characters are now in Zawgyi look-alike. Yes, I drew or mod them all.

2) Overlapping Contours are removed since they are not cleaned up in Zawgyi-One version.. (You won’t see the differences on look.) Now, glyphs are cleaner and overall file size is 20KB less than previous version.

3) Eng glyphs are replaced with original Padauk’s glyphs.

4) Line spacing is adjusted to minimum. But still not good enough for system font because of Myanmar font’s shape. But fine for doc and web.

5) Credits go to Debbi Hosken, Alpha Zawgyi Team and Lionslayer:D


A) According to this, Zawgyi font face is copy-left. I can use it.

B) As pointed out the “–ှု ိုင်” bug by Ko Ngwe Tun, I tried to look into padauk source file. And it made me fall asleep in 10 mins. So the bug is still there.

Original Font – Padauk (under the Open Font License)

Font Family – padauk

Sub-family name – zawgyi

Full font name – padauk-zawgyi

Post-script name – padauk-zawgyi

Release Date – 2nd Aug 2009

Version – 2.403


31st July 2009 Updates

1)Updated all Myanmar Glyphs to “Zawgyi-One-20071230.ttf” Version look-alike glyphs. They consist of;

1.a) all consonants

1.b) all independent vowels (U1028 was a pain in the ass, but I managed to draw it.)

1.c) all dependent vowel signs

1.d) all various signs

1.e) all dependent consonant signs and consonant “

1.f) all digits and punctuations

1.g) all various signs ၏ ၍ ၄ (၎င်း)

1.h) U1050 and U1051 Pali glyphs. (Because those two are ver easy :D)

2) I changed metrics, subscript values, weight, width and other minor details of Padauk-Zawgyi to nearest to Zawgyi-one font. Now the font kerning, smoothness and look became more similar with Zawgyi-one. To put is simple, it look more beautiful now (at least it’s what I think.^_^)

3) Family name is the same “padauk”. But sub-family name was made shorter as “zawgyi”.

4) Padauk-Zawgyi font file and read me file are updated. All download links are updated too.

5) Release version is 2.402 now.

Original Font – Padauk (under the Open Font License)

Font Family – padauk

Sub-family name – zawgyi

Full font name – padauk-zawgyi

Post-script name – padauk-zawgyi

Release Date – 31st July 2009

Version – 2.402


30th July 2009 Padauk-Zawgyi Unicode font first released

Original Font – Padauk (under the Open Font License)

Font Family – padauk

Sub-family name – zawgyi-regular

Full font name – padauk-zawgyi

Post-script name – padauk-zawgyi

Release Date – 30th July 2009

Version – 2.401


FAQ about Zawgyi and Unicode

Q – ယူနီကုတ်ဆိုတာ ဘာလဲ။

A – According to Wikipedia, Unicode is a computing industry standard allowing computers to consistently represent and manipulate text expressed in most of the world’s writing systems. Developed in tandem with the Universal Character Set standard and published in book form as The Unicode Standard, Unicode consists of a repertoire of more than 100,000 characters, a set of code charts for visual reference, an encoding methodology and set of standard character encodings, an enumeration of character properties such as upper and lower case, a set of reference data computer files, and a number of related items, such as character properties, rules for normalization, decomposition, collation, rendering and bidirectional display order (for the correct display of text containing both right-to-left scripts, such as Arabic or Hebrew, and left-to-right scripts). (ကိုယ့်ဟာကိုယ် ဘာသာပြန်။ ဒါမှ မဟုတ်ရင် မနေနိုင်တဲ့လူ ပြန်ပေးလိမ့်မယ်။)

Q – ဇော်ဂျီဝမ်းဖောင့်က ယူနီကုတ်လား။

A – To put it simple, no. It’s a Open-type Unicode Font in words. But not a Unicode 4.1 or 5.0 or 5.1 Standard. Hence, it cannot be called Unicode. (Well, I want to avoid further debating on that topic.)

Q – ဘာလို့ ယူနီကုတ် စည်းမျဉ်းကို မလိုက်နာတာလဲ။

A – Well, I was not a Zawgyi-One developer. But I can guess. The reasons would be;

1) While Zawgyi-One is developing, Myanmar Unicode Standards were not confirmed yet. So they don’t know the code points exactly.

2) They didn’t discuss enough with Myanmar Language professionals.

3) At that time, none of other fonts followed Unicode rules exactly. Zawgyi-One developers were closest ones who could go that further.

4)And I can understand that Zawgyi-One developers were eager to show off their product. They succeeded indeed at the right time, right demand. Coming Myanmar Unicode fonts were, should I say?, unfortunate and overwhelmed by the success of Zawgyi.

Q – ဒါဆို ဇော်ဂျီဝမ်းကို ဘာလို့ ယူနီကုတ် စံနှုန်း မပြောင်းခဲ့ကြတာလဲ။

A – It can be done as u can see now. (Well, I didn’t develop this Padauk-Zawgyi but modified existing Padauk font.) But the main points which caused delay of further developments were;

1) There were thousands of Zawgyi font users who generated blog posts, forum post, comments, websites, chat messages daily. It caused a huge volume of search database in crawling search engine servers such as Google and Yahoo. As long as users can find what they need, they will use it more. They may merely think of changing to other inconvenient fonts.

2) Older posts written in Zawgyi-One cannot be read with Unicode 5.1 fonts (Unless you are a font freak). The search queries will not show results written in Zawgyi-One. Majority of Zawgyi-One users may not bother trying to read your posts in Unicode 5.1. They may probably think it’s written Alien Languages.

3) Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator cannot follow complexity of Myanmar Unicode 5.1 keyboard mapping. So users were forced to use third-party keyboard mapper such as Keyman with different typing layout. Minority tried to switch to Unicode 5.1, found difficulties and helps were not available easily.

Q – ဇော်ဂျီဝမ်းက ရရစ်တွေ ယပင့်တွေ အများကြီး ရှိတယ်နော်။ ယူနီကုတ်မှာကျတော့ ရိုက်လိုက်တာနဲ့ သူ့ဟာသူ ပြောင်းသွားတာပဲ။

A – Because Unicode 5.1 uses Contextual Alternates rendering of Open-type font. So it cannot render correctly in other operating systems without Contextual Alternates rendering engine. When Zawgyi was developing, that technology was still unheard of (at least in Myanmar). So Zawgyi came out eating up a lot of extra code points. But, good side is that Zawgyi font don’t need special rendering. Actually, that technology can be done in Zawgyi now.

Q – ဇော်ဂျီဝမ်းက တိုင်းရင်းသား ဘာသာစကားကုတ်ပွိုင့်တွေယူထားတာ မတရားဘူး။

A – Well, when Zawgyi was developed, they only think of Burmese Language and some popular Pali. Well, anyway we now have Unicode 5.1 fonts for minority tribes. Compared to 20,902 Unicode points for Chinese characters, 160 Unicode Points for all Myanmar Tribes is less than enough.

Q – ဇော်ဂျီဝမ်းကို Web and Software Development, Database စတဲ့ အိုင်တီနယ်ပယ်မှာ သုံးမရဘူး။

A – No. you are wrong.

Q – ဇော်ဂျီဝမ်းဆက်သုံးနေရင် နောင်တချိန် Unicode 5.1 ခေတ်မှာ နောက်ကျန်ခဲ့မှာစိုးတယ်။

A – No, you will not. You can use Zawgyi-One and Unicode 5.1 at the same time. Zawgyi can be converted to Unicode 5.1 anytime.

Q – OCR, translation တွေမှာ ဇော်ဂျီဝမ်းသုံးမရဘူး။

A – Yes, Zawgyi-One can. But, to follow the Unicode standard and word indexing, we should use Unicode 5.1.

Q – ဇော်ဂျီဝမ်းက အစဉ်လိုက် မစီဘူးနော်။ သဝေထိုး ယပင့် ရရစ် တွေ ပါလာရင် အစီအစဉ် ပြောင်းသွားရော။

A. Yes. Zawgyi followed Win Keyboard Layout. Win layout followed Burmese typewriter Layout. Really bad for indexing. Good side is that typing is easy and imaginable. Unicode 4.1 and 5.1 typing layout need us to remember what come first.

Q – ယူနီကုတ်မသုံးရင် ကိုယ်ရှာတဲ့ စကားလုံးအတိုင်း Search Engines တွေမှာ ရှာတွေ့မှာ မဟုတ်ဘူး။

A – No you are wrong. Most search engines cut the words by space and add it to their database. So, we need to use half-space (hidden space) at the end of each meaningful word. If we don’t add hidden space, it’s the same for both Zawgyi-One and Unicode 5.1 fonts. But after a while, the partial words can be search-able. E.g. ရန်ကု for part of ရန်ကုန် is search-able.

Q – စက်ထဲမှာ ယူနီကုတ်ဖောင့်ရှိလည်း ယူနီကုတ်သုံးထားတဲ့ တချို့ဆိုက်တွေက ဇော်ဂျီဝမ်းတွေပဲ ပေါ်နေတယ်။ ဖတ်မရဘူး။

A – It’s the site owner’s fault for not declaring their site’s font to one of Unicode 5.1 font.

Q – ဒီ ပိတောက်ဇော်ဂျီ ယူနီကုတ် ၅.၁ က အရင်ဇော်ဂျီဝမ်းဖောင့်ကို အစားထိုးတာလား။

A – No, it’s not. Instead, it’s replacement for other Unicode 5.1 fonts.

Q – ဒီ ပိတောက်ဇော်ဂျီနဲ့ အရင်ရေးထားတဲ့ ဇော်ဂျီဝမ်းစာတွေ ဖတ်လို့ရလား။

A – No. You need to have both Zawgyi-One and Padauk-Zawgyi to be able to read Zawgyi and Unicode 5.1.

Q – ဟင် ဖတ်လို့မရဘူးဆိုမှတော့ ဘာထူးလဲ။ ဖောင့်တစ်မျိုးတည်းနဲ့ ဇော်ဂျီဝမ်းရော ယူနီကုတ် ၅.၁ ရော ဖတ်လို့ရအောင် မလုပ်တတ်ဘူး မဟုတ်လား။

A – At least you don’t have to see ugly Unicode font anymore. Reading both fonts correctly with a single Unicode font is theoretically or logically impossible.

Q – ဘာလို့ ပိတောက်ဖောင့်ကိုမှ ဇော်ဂျီဝမ်းစာလုံး ပြောင်းရတာလဲ။

A – Because it’s ugly as it is.

Q – ပိတောက်ဖောင့်စာလုံး အားလုံး ဇော်ဂျီဝမ်းဖောင့် ပြောင်းလိုက်တာလား။

A – No. Only for existing glyphs from Zawgyi-One-20071230.ttf. But I did change some. The remaining characters were left as it was. Find out yourself later. I am too sleepy to list all those now.

Q – ဘာလို့ ပိတောက်ဇော်ဂျီ ဖြစ်ရတာလဲ။ ဇော်ဂျီပိတောက်ဆိုရင် ပို အဓိပ္ပါယ် မရှိဘူးလား။

A – Because I made it as Padauk font family.

Q – ပိတောက်ဖောင့် အစကတည်းက သွင်းပြီးသားရှိတယ်။ ပိတောက်ဇော်ဂျီသွင်းဖို့ ဖျက်ပစ်ရမှာလား။

A – Font file directly will go into Padauk font in Windows fonts folder. It will directly go into Padauk family. You don’t necessarily need to delete existing Padauk font. But I strongly encourage to delete Padauk font before installing Padauk-Zawgyi. Otherwise, the sites using Padauk will continue to use original ugly Padauk font.

Q – ဘာလို့ အင်စတော်လာမှာ ဇော်ဂျီဝမ်းရော ပိတောက်ဇော်ဂျီ ယူနီကုတ်ရော ထည့်ထားတာလဲ။

A – I want to promote usage of Unicode of course. But some may think wrongly that this is replacement for Zawgyi-One-20071230.ttf version. So, it’s important to have both fonts.

Q – ဒီပိတောက်ဇော်ဂျီ လုပ်ဖို့ ဘယ်လောက် အချိန်ယူလိုက်ရလဲ။

A – Roughly 3 hours after dinner.

Q – Are you a font developer?

A – No, I’m not. I just replaced Padauk font glyphs with Zawgyi-One glyphs. I’m not taking credits for that. ( Actually I already did that in font’s properties ^_^.)

Q – Myanmar3 ကိုရော မြန်မာဇော်ဂျီရော ဆက်လုပ်အုံးမှာလား။

A – I already did some changes for myanmar3 and wininnwa. But Myanmar3 font is not ugly. Win may sue me for modding their font as their license agreement don’t allow modding and sharing. I will use it myself. Don’t expect myanmar3 mod and wininnwa mod for a time being.

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5 Responses to “Padauk-Zawgyi Unicode Font Released”

  1. Andrew C says:

    There is another Bug with the Padauk-Zawgyi font. It related to font and style names in the font.

    Padauk-Zawgyi and the Padauk fonts will conflict with each other. Both fonts have the same font family name: Padauk.

    The difference is that one has a style “Regular” while the other has an unknown style “Zawgyi” and most applications have problems if both fonts are installed.

    It would be better to make a few minor changes to Padauk-Zawgyi .. change the font family from Padauk to Padauk Zawgyi, and change the style from Zawgyi to Regular.

  2. Lionslayer says:

    That is not the case here. Because the word Yangon is very popular, it is prone to typos. The results shown by Google were where a space was present between these two words or where a digit was present between these words.>>

    Yes, this is part of case. But there are some actual results for ရန္ကုန္ .

  3. မာ့ခ္ says:

    >>> some people type န as a cut of ႏ, which is U+1090.

    wrong, u1090 is not ႏ in zawgyi,

    ရန္ကု လို့ဘာလို့ရွာလို့ရလဲဆိုတာမွာ အဓိက က တခ်ို့ စေပ့ ျခားျပီး ရန္ကု န္ လို့ရိုက္ထားလို့

    ဂူဂယ္မွာ ရန္ကု ရွာျကည့္ရင္ထြက္လာတာ အထဲမွာ ရန္ကု န္လို့ရိုက္ထားတဲ့ ဟာနဲ့ အျခား ေဇာ္ဂ်ီမဟုတ္တဲ့ စာေတြပဲရွိတယ္။

    and it is U+109D its ဒီ D, not Zero 0, there is No character in 109D in Zawgyi.


  4. Ravi says:

    But after a while, the partial words can be search-able. E.g. ရန္ကု for part of ရန္ကုန္ is search-able.
    That is not the case here. Because the word Yangon is very popular, it is prone to typos. The results shown by Google were where a space was present between these two words or where a digit was present between these words. Google does not consider digits to be part of the word. In the case of ရန္ကုန္, some people type န as a cut of ႏ, which is U+1090. Google considers U+1090 to be a digit (Shan Digit Zero) and cut's it off there.

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