Tuesday 12th October 2010

by Lionslayer

Google in your language

I’ve been lately the major contributor of Google in your language, Myanmar, main site. I kept translating, cleaning up the raw translations, converting Zawgyi encodings to Unicode and maintaining the main site translation around 93% to 99% translated. Due to my professional duties, I’ve been away from the program for a few months.

When I was back on the translation page last week, I felt really disappointed that all my previous translations were converted to Ayar encoding. Moreover, there were only a few cleaning-up since I left. So I have to start all over again by converting Ayar to Unicode and cleaning-up of the remaining. It’s statically 100% translated. But, in truth, it still got many holes to fill.

I really appreciate your efforts to help translating Google in Myanmar language. But, please, please, use Unicode standard. Thanks.

Google ကို ျမန္မာဘာသာသို႕ျပန္ဆိုရာတြင္ ေက်းဇူးျပဳ၍ Zawgyi Encoding ကို မသုံးပါႏွင့္။

Google ကို ြမန်မာဘာသာသို့ြပန်ဆိုရာတွင် ေကျးဇူးြပု၍ Ayar Encoding ကို မသုံးပါနှင့်။

ယူနီကုတ်သုံးနေပါက Google ကို မြန်မာသာသို့ ပြန်ဆိုရာတွင် အကူအညီပေးပေးပါ။ ကျေးဇူးတင်ပါသည်။

Google in your Language – Myanmar

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