Sunday 29th September 2019

by Lionslayer

When you design a font, you need two different expertises; designing glyphs and writing opentype rules. For Example, Burmese glyphs from Pyidaungzu font were donated by Myanmars Net whilst Ko Sun Tun wrote opentype rules. Typeface design, reference and appreciation becomes important in digital age. Even people beyond design world would prefer a font over design than it’s features. When someone cannot design glyphs/typeface, they may buy it or use from a font with opensource license. Original Zawgyi font committed typeface piracy (and won the award from MCPA). Let’s talk about Asoka font.

Asoka font is a Myanmar Unicode font specially designed for Adobe products when Adobe didn’t support Burmese font reordering. The intention was good. The practice wasn’t.

Asoka Myanmar typeface are modified glyphs from Arthouse w01
Asoka English typeface are glyphs from Microsoft Segoe UI

If you work with vertex, bazier in design industry, you can see the original vectors are played around a bit. It simply modified and copied glyphs from Arthouse w01 and Segoe UI and claimed as their own. Plagiarism and theft are easily ignored in this country’s weak IP law. But we know.

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