Saturday 28th September 2019

by Lionslayer

There have been three opensource Zawgyi<->Uni js converters in the past: Burglish, Parabaik, Thanlwinsoft. Burglish which was most compact closed it’s source in early age of mmitpro(was a geek forum around 2007/8). Thanlwinsoft is the longest and most complex converter but with least conversion mistakes. Parabaik (originally Paragu) converter is simplest and easiest to understand. I will make it short. Rabbit converter is a line-by-line rewrite of parabaik converter, is claimed to write by their own and does not credit to parabaik. Actually, Parabaik itself is an opensource and anybody can freely use or contribute to it. Here is the detailed comparison of js of Parabaik and Rabbit early version. Samples for same conversion mistakes: (uni2zg ကမ္ဘောဇ အဋ္ဌေသု ဉှာ သင်္ကေတ zg2uni အက်ႌ သခ်ႋဳင္း, There are more but omitted for further issues.)

Is giving a proper credit that difficult?

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