Friday 22nd March 2013

by Lionslayer

Google is coming to Myanmar. That’s a good news. With Eric Schmidt making a short visit Friday, that’s great. We have a question or two to ask him about. Schmidt’s visit comes at a time when the country is undergoing dramatic political and economic reforms.

There was an open-call for attending for technology conference with Schmidt. Register for attending, send the questions, and come early since seating are first come first served for 350 seats, are what was announced.

So I did with so much hype. So much disappointment over how they organized. Early birds were turned away  not very politely to sit in the grass and watch this big LED screen since all 250 seats are pre-occupied with a list. That’s a pretty bad PR situation. I understood what happened after I’ve talked with some people from MCF.

The violence happening in Meikhtila alerted some high-profile guests including ambassador Derek Mitchell who would be attending the event. They hired a security team too. That concluded reduced 250 people in the list. Then who made the list? Nevermind! The people from Google/security team? said they got the list at 10:30 PM last night. Then, what’s worse? They said to come at 9:00 AM sharp and be punctual. When’s it’s near to 9, there were many seats left (Obviously some were late) and I thought some geeks and students complaining at the gate might still had a chance. I was wrong. The conference time was revised to 9:15 AM and some very late people were still allowed to entered as exception. Hmm!

I left the front door piling up with some complaining guys for the rear grass field. It was a very good chance for me to receive enough vitamin-D for the rest of my life. The seating were arranged with newspaper-warning ultraviolet ray and under direct sunlight of 40 Degree C. I thought I deserved a small made-up shade when I have done my part with localizing a few lines of Google interface and Google Maps.

Green Grass

We called this new technology “Google Grass”

Green Grass

Green Grass

Future Billionaires under Sunlight

Some Google fans didn’t even bother for shade or fan. They just sat and watched the giant LED screen with so much hype. Good for them. The future billionaires could ignore a mere sunlight, right? The questions were nice but mostly  typical and answers were better with so much intelligence in it. Yet, only some certain pre-selected people were allowed to question except for the last media guy. The answers were real eye-openers except that I can’t quite open my eye under the sun. Anyway I regretted that I got up early today while I can watch this in Youtube later.

I don’t blame Google or Schmidt for this really bad organized conference. When it happens, it happens. We are so used-to it. I just hope next time with more time, more questions and wider space (with shades of course). Oh, MCF and MCPA, I love the way how you beautifully portrayed Myanmar.

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4 Responses to “Google, Myanmar’s Way”

  1. Lionsaver of Africa says:

    Google worked with Burmese Military since Year 2000 behind the scene ( under-table operation.)

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  4. I was lucky. Unfortunately I was planning to go and have a look at Eric but my lover requested me to stay with her because she has some exams and she need me.
    God saved me twice at the same time.
    From sun , from idiots 😀

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