Friday 2nd March 2012

by Lionslayer

In summary, as of 2011, Myanmar Unicode fonts can correctly render in;

  • Windows (Opentype on Uniscribe)
  • OSX (Opentype on AAT) with Myanmar font built-in
  • Linux distros (Opentype, Graphite on Pango,Harfbuzz) with Myanmar font built-in or Repository available
  • iOS (Opentype on AAT).

We have a few more updates now.

(1) Nook is Android based tablet and it seems to be able to render Myanmar Unicode correctly. နွတ်(ခ်) မှာ မြန်မာယူနီကုဒ်ဖောင့် အမှန်ပေါ်ပါပြီ။
(2) Android itself started supporting Myanmar Unicode 5.0 in it’s IcecreamSandwich Android 4.0. The reshaping rules are based on Pango and are inside the system (not in the font). The most visible changes are virama u1039 and vowel e u1031. အန်းဒရွိုက် ၄.၀ မှာ မြန်မာယူနီကုဒ် ၅.၀ စာလုံးပုံဖော်တဲ့ စနစ်ပါလာပါပြီ။ ယူနီကုဒ်က ၅.၁ နောက်ပိုင်းမှာမှ ပုံသေဖြစ်တဲ့အတွက် အမှန်မပေါ်သေးပါဘူး။

Android 4.0 Myanmar Unicode Support

Android 4.0 ICS Myanmar Unicode Support. Zawgyi texts will not show correctly anymore.

(3) Windows 8 consumer preview came out a few days ago. It has improved Myanmar font (supports Burmese and Mon) and Myanmar font fallback for IE. So, it’s confirmed that Windows 8 will support Myanmar Unicode font and Keyboard in PC, mobile or tablets when it comes out. ဝင်းဒိုး ၈ စားသုံးသူအတွက် နမူနာမှာ အရင်တစ်ခါထက် ပိုမှန်လာတဲ့ မြန်မာယူနီကုဒ် ပါလာတဲ့အတွက် တကယ်ထုတ်ရင် ပါလာမှာ သေချာပါပြီ။

Shifted Unicode Keyboard on Windows8 Consumer preview

Shifted Unicode Keyboard on Windows 8 Consumer Preview (Based on Myanmar3 Layout by Myanmar NLP)

#P.S. Myanmar Wikipedia has more than 10,000 articles now.

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