Wednesday 17th March 2010

by Lionslayer

2010 election law came out. It doesn’t surprise me, and so to others. But it sure alerted among political activists. DASSK and U Win Tin’s attitudes are clear enough that they won’t budge as long as SPCD plays hard. Now NLD will vote for “register for election” or “NO”. I’m quite keen on forecasting politics of 2010. So, here is my guess.

(1) The group(inside NLD) who want to go to election will win.
(2) UN will fold it’s paper tiger again and will be squashed by Big-C and Big-R.
(3) The process of election will be so fast that everybody won’t have time to react.
(4) Pro-gov group will win most of the seats as we all knew.
(5) Pro-Demos will shout loud especially on online and radio.
(6) No big and organized movement will appear this year.
(7) Big-C will be the first country to approve the new gov. Big-R, NK, Ir and CB will follow to approve.
(8) DASSK will most likely be freed for a few months to lessen international pressures.
(9) SPDC will still be on top of everything.
(10) Our life will be the same as usual with new gov. May be a bit better, I hope :).

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2 Responses to “2010 Forecast”

  1. […] sake, plz enforce on reducing the sanctions. jeez… ## DASSK was freed (for now). I refer back to this. ## 2nd Panglong is essential. Otherwise, ethnics languages and culture will disappear in two […]

  2. Lionslayer says:

    My guess no. 1 was wrong. But they still go for election with their own party. ##

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