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Burmese Character Numerology

Burmese Character Numerology

Most of Burmese names are according to character numerology. It was originated from astrology. The formula is pretty simple. The days of a week can be represented with characters.

  • Sunday – အ A E I O U
  • Monday – ကခဂဃင K Kh G Gh Ng
  • Tuesday – စဆဇဈည C Ch Z Zh Ny
  • Wednesday – ယရလဝ Y R L W
  • Thursday – ပဖဗဘမ P Ph B Bh M
  • Friday – သဟ S H
  • Saturday – တထဒဓန T Th D Dh N

So Aung San Suu Kyi (အောင်ဆန်း”စု”ကြည်) was born on Tuesday while as her father Aung San (“အောင်”ဆန်း) was born on Sunday. U Thant (ဦး”သန့်”)was born on Friday. But it’s only common and very direct way of character naming system. There are more complex formulas for naming astrologically.

The characters can be translated to numbers as well.

  • 1 – အ
  • 2 – ကခဂဃင
  • 3 – စဆဇဈည
  • 4 – ယရလဝ
  • 5 – ပဖဗဘမ
  • 6 – သဟ
  • 7 – တထဒဓန

So, “အုတ်ကျစ်ကျော်အေး မန္တလေး” rhyme is to quickly memorize the year Mandalay was founded. အုတ်(1)ကျစ်(2)ကျော်(2)ဧ/အေး(1) = 1221 (၁၂၂၁) is the Myanmar year when Mandalay capital was founded. To get the Georgian year, just add 638 to Myanmar year. Famous rhymes in Myanmar are မင်းဖြူမှန်မှန်ပြော (total viss of Mingun Bell), “လှည်းဝင်ရိုးသံ” တညံညံ ပုဂံဘုရားပေါင်း (total pagodas in Bagan), “သဇင်ပန်းခိုင်” တမြိုင်မြိုင် ရခိုင်ဘုရားပေါင်း (total pagodas in Mrauk U), etc.. Ah… wait a moment! Where are zero, eight and nine? Well, you see, there are only 7 days in a week. So we use;

  • 0 – သုည ဝ
  • 8 – ရှစ် အဋ္ဌ အဋ္ဌမ
  • 9 – ကိုး နဝ နဝင်း နဝမ

which are direct usage of these numbers.

Character numerology is used astrologically and believed widely. Some houses usually hang a couple of garlic bulbs above the doors or windows with an iron nail upward to prevent the thieves. Now you are confused thinking that thieves are not vampires, right? Ok, here is the explanation.
Thief = သူခိုး = သ+ခ = Friday+Monday
We don’t want Friday+Monday to enter our dwellings and want to repel with reversed order, Monday+Friday.
Monday+Friday = ကခဂဃင+သဟ
and here comes our garlic (ကြက်သွန်) which is Monday+Friday characters. So what about the nail? Nail is သံချောင်း (Friday + Monday). But we don’t want Friday+Monday, and so it was hammered upward to reverse it. So, we get two Monday+Friday(s)(ကြက်သွန်+reversed သံချောင်း) to repel the weaker single Friday+Monday(သူခိုး). It is called ကက်ကင်း (diametrically opposite in names) in Burmese. Well, you won’t even believe how the astrology is widely used in everyday life. The same goes for killing a papaya tree (သင်္ဘော) by piling up the charcoals (မီးသွေး) under it. Why do you think the caster oil plant (ကြက်ဆူ) project was campaigned country-wide during last decade?

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